Local experiences

Hitoyoshi Morning Power Program
Hitoyoshi is a wonderful place to clear your mind.

Buddhist Meditation

If you practice Buddhist meditation, you can calm your mind. You can find your true self. Meditation at a Buddhist temple is a stress-free experience which may lead to new discoveries.

1.Kannonji Buddhist Temple Morning Meditation

Location: Kannonji Buddhist Temple (Hitoyoshi City, Ganjyoji-machi)
Time: 4th Saturday of every month,  6:00-7:00AM
Fee (includes breakfast): 500 yen per person
*Reservation required one week in advance
Kannonji Buddhist Temple

2.Shinguji Buddhist Temple Meditation

Location: Shinguji Buddhist Temple (Nishiki Town) [one of the sites of the Sagara 33 Statues of Kannon Pilgrimage]
Time: Please call the temple for the latest schedule
Fee (includes green tea): 500 yen per person
(sutra writing offered:please call the temple for more information)
From downtown Hitoyoshi to Shinguji by taxi: about 1200 yen – 1500 yen one way.

Cool Japan is Here!

1.Original local experiences in the old castle town of Hitoyoshi

Stroll the old castle town wearing a kimono and drinking matcha.

2.Handmade Chopsticks

Location: Jusoukan (Hitoyoshi City, Tsuruda-machi 31-6)
Fee (1 set): 1000 yen

*Reservation required one week in advance

Literature Tour of a Passionate Poet

Yosano Akiko Literature Tour

A famous female poet of the early and middle 1900s.
Yosano visited Hitoyoshi in August of 1932. The poems written during her stay here are displayed throughout Hitoyoshi on memorial stones. We invite you to enjoy a tour of these literary works.

A map of the tour is available at your hotel’s front desk.
Tour by taxi is available.

  • 1 hour taxi tour fee (maximum 4 passengers): 3700 yen

Kuma Shochu Storehouse and Sounds Tour

In the distillation process of Kuma Shochu, moromi makes mysterious sounds. These sounds are thought of as the breath of God and the heartbeat of nature.

Location: Fukano Shuzo (Hitoyoshi City, Gonohara-machi 333)
Please call Fukano Shuzo to make a reservation
From downtown Hitoyoshi to Fukano Shuzo by taxi: about 800 – 1000 yen one way