Privacy policy

The Hitoyoshi Onsen Tourist Association (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”), an acquirer of personal information,
It is a company that operates the company website (, below, “our site”) in Japan, so that customers can use our site with confidence
We will recognize personal information (name, e-mail address, and other information identifying individuals entered in our format) provided by customers as personal important property of individuals and will be provided by customers according to this privacy policy We will manage personal information strictly and carefully.

2 .Basic policy
(1) Collecting of personal information is always done with the consent of the person clearly indicating purpose of use, and do not handle personal information beyond the necessary range for its purpose of use.
(2) In handling collected personal information, security measures are taken technically and organizationally, and personal information is stored under proper management.
(3) We will comply with laws and other norms concerning protection of personal information.

3 .Acquisition of personal information
We are requesting the provision of personal information when we process inquiries on this site.

4 .Purpose of use
(1) Our purpose is to analyze the access log of our site.
(2) Notification of event information to personal information that we learned from the inquiry form
(3) Correspondence from the inquiry form of our site
Automated to analyze and predict personal preferences and behavior of data subjects using personal information provided
(Including profiling) and decisions that have legal impact on data subjects
There is nothing to do.

When we keep personal information, we will use the following purpose of use and window of inquiry
Handling it is used only within the range necessary for the purpose

5.Third Party Offers
We will not disclose Personal Information you provide to any third party except where it falls under each of the following items
We will not provide or disclose to anyone.
(1) In cases where a court receives a judgment or order ordering disclosure based on laws or when officially receiving inquiries from law enforcement officials such as police officers under the laws prescribing investigation authority
(2) In connection with the use of the services of our company or our business partners,
Contrary to guidelines, etc., protect third party or our company’s rights, property, service etc.
In cases where it is deemed necessary and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the principal
(3) there is imminent danger to human life, body and property etc, urgent necessity
If there is a case where it is difficult to obtain the consent of the principal
(4) Other cases permitted under the Personal Information Protection Act

6.Disclosure, correction and deletion of personal information
For requests for disclosure, deletion, suspension of use of personal information from customers, suspension of provision of third parties,
We will respond within a reasonable range. However, if it falls under the following conditions
There is a match.
(1) When you can not verify your identity
(2) When there is no information requested
(3) When there is a risk of harming the life, property, physical and other rights and interests of the person or the third party by disclosing the information
(4) In the event that disclosure of information is in violation of laws and regulations

7.About cookies
On our site, we use technology called cookie (Cookie) to enhance customer convenience, and we provide services based on cookie usage / permission. Cookie is a mechanism to temporarily hold specific information in the communication equipment used by customers as data and to identify customers based on the data each time the connection is made. Partial or all of our website may not be available if you do not allow cookie usage. For details on how to set up cookies, please refer to the “Help” menu etc. of your browser.
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8.Revision of personal information protection policy
We regularly review this privacy policy with the aim of protecting your personal information. Therefore, we may revise this policy in whole or in part.
If there are important changes, we will guide you on our website as appropriate and update the revised contents to this page so that you can view it at any time.

For complaints and inquiries concerning handling of personal information, please contact the following e-mail address Please offer.
Business name (administrator) :Hitoyoshi Onsen Tourist Association
Kumamoto Prefecture Hitoyoshi City Nakaaoi Machi 326-1